The story of ProSus begins in 1985 from the commitment of a small group of breeders who gave birth
to a solid and always growing company. Its main activities are, today as then,
slaughtering and processing of exclusively 100% Italian pork.
What strongly features the Cooperative are the constant aim at quality, the guarantee
of the meat supply chain, the respect for the rural tradition and the close link with the territory.
Today ProSus is a company that combines tradition and future, quality and history: we are an Agricultural
Cooperative of Pigs’ Producers which counts 65 members farmers and breeders in the area
between Lombardy, Emilia Romagna and Veneto.

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I understand
…transmitted by the first generation of breeders to those who knew how to treasure it,
have led our Cooperative to be one of the most important pigs slaughtering and pork processing companies today.
Aware of the importance of being able to guarantee a product of traceable supply chain, we have chosen to integrate
the slaughtering activity with other directly connected: two ham-maturing plants - in the Food Valley -
and a processing plant to produce ready-to-eat products -
We can vaunt among our customers some of the most prestigious names in the Italian cured meat industry,
in addition to being permanently present in large-scale distribution and having begun
to approach successfully some foreign and non-European markets.

This is our story, written on a territory where pork is tradition, passion, art and culture.

And we can guarantee it. Since 1985.
the Cooperativa Produttori Suini ProSus S.c.a. is born
starts the ham-curing activity
in the ‘Prosciuttificio Gardenia S.r.l.’
plant for Parma ham production
starts the sharing in the activity
of the ‘Lo.Ve. Carni’
plant to approach large retailers
acquisition of the whole ownership
of the Prosciuttificio Gardenia S.r.l.
acquisition of the whole ownership
of the plant ex ‘Lo.Ve. Carni’
launch of the new ProSus logo
and presentation of the own brand
ProSus for large retailers products

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