At the present ProSus offers to its customers a wide range of products that go from the
anatomical cuts both chilled and frozen, for italian and foreign industry and wholesalers
-to fresh hams for the bigger ham curing companies and the so called second processing,
that is vacuum packed and carton box packed- for retail and gross scale distribution.
Prosus also offers meat products ready to cook for the catering industry and food service companies.

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Fresh or frozen, the range for food service
and catering offers a great number of products
for each request of the customer,
packed in different sizes starting from 2 kg.
The whole range of swine anatomical cuts, such as
loin, tenderloins, offals and trimmings,
to meet the requests of processing industry,
wholesalers, butchers, and large-scale butcher shops.
Referring mainly to the foreign markets,
they comprehend the most appreciated cuts
(loins, tenderloins, trimmings,…) and the less noble cuts,
such as offals, rinds, feet, tails, particularly
appreciated in the Asian countries.
Both fresh and cured ham, from Parma ham
to San Daniele ham and Italian prosciutto,
all coming from 100% italian pigs.

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